Choose Quality in Purity 

Qili Purification, water filter manufacturer, recognized and selected by manufacturers in the United States, Japan, Europe, Taiwan and other countries.

Qili Purification is one of the leading brands in the filter industry.

In response to the shortage of water resources, unsafe and unclean drinking water and the uneven sources of filter elements on the market, Qili Group has devoted itself to the field of activated carbon filter elements and has entered over 20 years.

Qili purification filter element has not only become an indispensable part of every family's necessary water purification equipment, but also has become the designated filter element manufacturer of major water purification brands.

With QILI, Purity Our Future

Qili purification filter element can effectively removed impurities and heavy metals that are harmful to the human body.

Qili purification has been strictly inspected and has obtained certification from official inspection agencies in many countries, such as: ISO22000, US National Sanitation Foundation NSF42, HALA...etc.