1。 Drinking "pure water" for a long time really leads to osteoporosis?

A. Osteoporosis is mainly caused by a lack of calcium; pure water does lack minerals, but the calcium content in mineral water cannot replace the minerals ingested from food, so drinking pure water for a long time will not cause osteoporosis main reason.

2。 There will be a sound when the activated carbon filter shakes, whether it is due to insufficient filling?

A. There must be a certain activity space between the activated carbon and the water flow, so that the surface area of ​​the water flow and each carbon particle can fully contact with the water, creating enough contact time. According to the standard, there must be 5~10% space and voids in the total volume of the GAC filter element for the activated carbon to play.

3。 Do you sell bottled water??

A:No, bottled water actually has a lot of doubts. After 24 hours, in addition to breeding bacteria, the amount of nitrite (carcinogen) will also increase.

4。 Can I replace the filter element? 

The filter element is not changed frequently, it is dirtier than no filter. The filter element of the water dispenser has not been replaced for a long time, which is easy to breed bacteria and increase the number of bacteria. The chlorine in the water quality has a disinfection effect, and the function of killing bacteria will be reduced.

The replacement of the filter element is based on the water quality and water consumption, and usually needs to be replaced every 3 to 6 months.